Georgiaís Pre-K Program
Assistant Teacher Credentials Information

To ensure that Georgiaís Pre-K Program continues to offer quality preschool education and follows national research and trends, Bright from the Start will begin implementing changes in the credential requirement for Assistant Teachers. Beginning with the
2008-2009 school year, Georgia
ís Pre-K Program will require Assistant Teachers to hold a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential or higher. To assist providers in meeting the new credential requirements, Bright from the Start has created a model to phase-in the policy over a three-year period,

Any ONE of the credentials/degrees listed below will meet the new credential requirement.

Academic Credentials or Degrees

  • Valid Child Development Associate (CDA) credential (issued by the Council for Professional Recognition)
  • TCC (Technical Certificate of Credit) in Early Childhood Education
  • TCD (Technical College Diploma) in Early Childhood Education
  • AA, AAS, AAT (Associate Degree) in Early Childhood Education
  • Valid Paraprofessional Certificate (issued by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission)

New hires for the 2008 – 2009 school year will be required to hold a Child Development Associate (CDA) or higher credential or be eligible for a waiver at the time of application for employment. To qualify for a waiver, a new applicant must be currently in the process of obtaining an appropriate ECE credential or degree.

Returning Pre-K Assistant Teachers who do not currently hold any of the above credentials/degrees will NOT be required to apply for a waiver. Bright from the Start will allow current Assistant Teachers to enroll in eligible programs of study leading to the award of one of the above ECE credentials or degree. All Pre-K Assistant Teachers must have earned a CDA or higher degree by the 2010-2011 school year.

Time Line:

2008 - 2009: New credential requirement in place

  • Returning Assistant Teacher must begin pursuing new credential.
  • New hires must have credential or an approved waiver from BFTS.

2009 - 2010: Continue pursuing new credential

2010 - 2011: All Assistant Teachers must have the required credential by the end of the school year.

For questions concerning credentialing, please direct all questions to Bright from the Start Pre-K at 404-651-7422 or 404-657-5576.

For questions concerning Early Childcare and Education programs at any of Georgiaís Technical Colleges, please contact:

Larry Roberson
Telephone: 404-679-5251 or